Everyone goes through good times and bad times. It’s no different for the founders of Stubborn Fox Co. The idea was formed when one of the founders lost some very important people in her life, her mum and grandma. In all sad times, people use tissues, yet she realised they were boring and didn’t help lift your mood.

She teamed up with our other founder who specialises is developing unique, innovative and high level products, thus, Stubborn Fox Co was born. Their goal; to make tissues that will lift your spirits, put a smile on the face of those in a tough time, and to help catch those happy tears before you get panda eyes during good times like weddings.

So, why not reach for a tissue and read something a little funny or loving to warm your heart in those tough times? Or, a personalised box that reminds you of an amazing memory of a special one you lost?

Why not let us help you elevate happiness when the tears of joy roll out? Our personalised boxes, by you, are perfect for your wedding. Your guests can keep them as keepsakes to remind them of your special day.

While talking all things positive, we are conscious and considerate of the environment. Stubborn Fox Co tissues and boxes are 100% recyclable.