For blood, sweat and tears

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Not many things in life come easy. There's plenty of blood, sweat and tears. Fortunately, our tissues can wipe off all 3 and you're the awesome person that wants to remind your friends and family you're there for them and they're strong enough to wipe off and move on.

Width 15cm x Height 12cm x Thickness 1.8cm
10 x High quality 3 ply tissues.
Ever had blood, sweat or tears or known someone else to suffer from any of these? Wondered how they can be removed? Wonder no more! We have a tool that can wipe away not 1, not 2, but all 3! Stubborn Fox Co high quality 3 ply tissues tissues can wipe them all away. Our cute pattern designs will present beautifully in all settings, be it in a boxing ring, construction site or even a hospital. Our ingenious design allows for the perfect pocket sized patented shape with inbuilt display stand and the ability to custom and personalise your message or photo.